Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Present

I'm a little behind today. (I wish I "had" a little behind today...lol)

Anyway, busy day with the kids and I am just now getting a chance to post. And I really need to be in the kitchen because I am cooking dinner too and I am sure while I am writing this something is burning! ha

I have exciting news (for me)....my lovely husband is giving me a trip the CKC-Seattle in November for my birthday!!! (a scrapping convention as you probably know)

My friend, Denise, is going and I shamelessly asked if she wanted company and then begged my darling husband to help figure out a way for me to go too. So, he gave me a budget and said if that works then Happy Birthday!! It works!! WOO HOO!!

I am so super excited I can hardly sit still. I wish Denise lived closer so I could obsess about it with her in person!! ha

She is busy having dinner with her parents tonight so it is quiet on her end and it is killing me!!! LOL

I am sure I will hear from her again once they are gone...

I also thought that maybe I should show you my messy scrapping space. I love seeing other peoples spaces so thought I would share mine. It is extra messy in the picture because I made no effort to pick it up and because the picture was taken shortly after I got home from vacation (I took most of it with me). Is yours as bad as mine?

Here, is a picture of a card I made for my Sketches4You card challenge for August 2nd. I also entered it in Denise's Ink Challenge over there too. You should go to Sketches4you and check out both of our challenges... There are prizes for the winners!!
Ok, I hear a timer...I must rush to the kitchen.
Have a happy evening.


  1. I am so crazy EXCITED that you are going with me!!!! It's like Ron gave me a present for your birthday too!!!!!!!! We are going to have sooooo much fun!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!

  2. Well I SOOOOOOOO wish I could join you ladies :( But I get to gamble this weekend at Foxwoods. I'd rather be at CKC...happy birthday to you, though! Woo hoo, have so much fun for me, will you guys?

  3. That's a great birthday present! You two have fun!

  4. Great birthday present! I didn't know you were friends with "Lala"! :)