Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am on the road as you read this driving to Oklahoma. My 3 older children and I are making a last minute spur of the moment trip.
The RV is loaded, the kids have bathed, dogs are ready....
5am will come early... I like to start at 6am - the roads are quieter and you can get farther without the kids being crazy.
My boys are awesome road travelers since we drive back and forth to OK from NV several times a year...but my dd usually flies with we will hope for the best.
It is going to be a short trip, we have to be back by next Friday the 27th. So that is why I am scheduling this post to post while I am on the road.
I made this card (as I mentioned yesterday) for a challenge at Sketches4you. It is a challenge to use different shapes to make a card. I had fun making this butterfly card.
I just got an I-rock and had a blast blinging out this card! I really am liking the i-rock. It is pretty simple to use and the results are great! My only complaint is having to hold the button down the whole time to keep it hot. It is very awkward to do that and would be easier and safer (for me) to not have to try to hold in such a way as to keep the button pushed down. I have already burned myself trying to be "safe". It isn't a bad burn but it hurt! ha
I stamped hello! on the card and then had the brilliant idea to emboss it -----well...the embossing liquid blurred the ink and makes it really difficult to read. So that was a bad idea and I was completely done with the card at that point...and I am not doing it again.... I guess whoever gets this card will just have to squint! LOL
So you probably will get another post late on Thursday...


  1. Your butterfly card is GORGEOUS!!! Love the bling and the paper!!!!

  2. Very beautiful card.... I love it...

  3. Happy traveling! Love the butterfly card!

  4. oh this is really beautiful just love it have a safe trip love cheryl xxxxxxxxx

  5. Love the butterfly. Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy yourself.
    Blessings Bernie