Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Card Challenge - Birthday

Happy Sunday!

My friend, Denise, and her family are here visiting so this will be a short post. I started a new card challenge at Sketches4you. My challenge is to use this great Pagemaps Sketch. And since my birthday falls within the time frame of this challenge, you must make it a birthday card... Super easy challenge.
Here is my example that I made. I used some fun paper I got at Big Lots and cut out the birthday presents from a different sheet of pp and then used pop dots to raise them up. Stamped, punched, glittered and blinged it out! lol
We spent the morning in the pool and then ate some pizza. Denise and I stayed up until almost 4am talking outside by the pool last night... I think we could both use a nap!! LOL
Hope you had a great weekend...pop over to Sketches4you and give my challenge a whirl! I do give out good prizes!!


  1. Big Lots is the greatest place. Scrapbook supplies, yarn, and shampoo all in one store!

  2. Sounds like you two are having fun!!!

    Cute card!

  3. Cute card! I like to make my own embellishments from ppapers too.