Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Didn't Win

So I am sad to say my ds did not win the election. And even though he is disappointed he has a good attitude about it. We talked about how much fun he had running, how proud we all were of him for putting himself out there and trying and about how he is glad that he ran. So he is okay.

And he decided to go ahead and run for Student Council Representative! That's my boy!! Get knocked down and get right back up again. Good for him!! (proud mama here!!)

I'm not really feeling the best right now. I have a bit of a cold so I haven't been moving too quickly today. Luckily I have something I already made yesterday to post today.
I did Fia's Sketch Crazy 2nd September sketch challenge at Sketches4you for this layout. I combined it with the September Let's Ink Challenge that Denise has going on at Sketches4you which is to ink your title. And I used it as an example for my September 20th Stash Challenge at Sketches4you which is to use Rubons.
So I got a lot of mileage out of this layout! LOL
I used stuff from a grab bag I got of Breaking Free stuff from My Minds Eye. (LOVE IT ALL) Most of the stuff I used was from this kit. I also stamped a few things on here, and inked a few things and journaled along the bottom.
You should really check out all the fun stuff going on over at Sketches4you (link on sidebar). Tons and tons!!


  1. I'm so sorry your son didn't win! That's the one thing I hated to teach my daughter was how to accept not coming in 1st. Love the layout! Have a great day. Shari (cricutrookie)

  2. First - your layout ROCKS!

    Second - your son is already a winner! He put himself out there....and he didn't let it stop him from picking right back up again! He must have a very supportive smart mom! :)

  3. So sorry that he didn't win the election! But, it's fantastic that he got knocked down and got right back up again. I would not have done so well! Great LO--but I already told you that...
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. So glad he is so determined :) My oldest is like that. Not the best at everything, but so happy and upbeat, even in the face of defeat. You have to love such optimism and perseverance! Great layout, and hope you feel better soon! I am starting to feel my son's/husband's virus a little bit...hoping it doesn't incapacitate me like it did them!