Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Lara!

Today I posted MY Sketch A Thon sketch. (SAT) I didn't personally make it.(the sketch) It is a Pagesmaps sketch. I gave everyone a little advance time to work on this by posting the sketch as my card challenge for September 15th at Sketches4you.

I made the Wishing You Were Here card to show as an example when I posted it then.

Now that I am posting it for the SAT, I decided to make a new card to help inspire people to participate!

So really if you make this card you can qualify to enter into two separate challenges and be up for two separate RAKs! And if you make it with a fall/back to school theme. You get your name in the hat twice on my card challenge and you get two points in the SAT.

Does that make sense? If not ask me questions and I will answer them. But what you should have gotten out of that was that you should run...not Sketches4you (link on sidebar) and do this contest and post it in both challenges.

I GIVE OUT GOOD PRIZES! You will want to win them!! lol

I am also entering one of these cards in the Anything Goes challenge at

As we were cleaning yesterday, I only had time to scrap this card.

But we did try to end the day with some fun time with the kids in the pool. The water is still warm (from the sun - we have no heater)(we live in Las Vegas).

We stayed in the pool until almost 8pm. The kids had a blast. We got out showered, had a late supper and then Mommy fell asleep! LOL (super early)

Still more to clean today. I don't want to be embarrassed when the Realtors come look at every nook and cranny of my house tomorrow!! lol

Hopefully I will still have a little break to scrap today. I should already be cleaning but needed my coffee and to catch up on the computer.

I hope you are all having a marvelous weekend and I want to send out a birthday greeting to sweet Lara who is 3 today!! Welcome to the Terrific Threes!!! We love you girl!!


  1. I love both of your cards! So beautiful! I love the tree in your Halloween card. Thanks for the birthday shout out! Lara can't wait to open her presents! Everyone is late, because of a freeway accident and she can't stand it!

  2. Both your cards are fantastic Stacy. Sorry I haven't been involved with all the great things going on over at Sketches4you but having a hard enough time keeping up with my DT position over at Let's Scrap with the wedding coming up in 3 weeks. Hopefully things will settle down afterwards and I can join in on the fun.