Friday, September 3, 2010

Ugliest Tag EVER!

Here you go...please feast your eyes on the ugliest tag ever made...!!! LOL
I made it for a tag challenge by Michelle at Sketches4you.
The challenge is to use this Pagemaps sketch and make a tag with flowers on it.
The person with the most flowers wins....
I have managed to get 67 flowers on this 3x4 inch tag!!!!!!!!!!!
I flower stamp, 6 pale pink flowers, 14 flower stickers, 30 rhinestone flowers and 16 blue roses. All added individually.
If you look at it long grows on you!!! LMBO!
You must admit even if it is ugly it makes you smile....


  1. Ha ha!! I love it!!!! What a feat....67 flowers on one tag! How can you not love that?

  2. LMAO! Your post put a huge smile on my face! You are hilarious :)

  3. Well...what can I say...
    As YOU say, it´s not the most beautiful that you´ve made...
    But it´´s...eccentric!! ;););)
    And it did make me smile :)

  4. Very funny! Incredible that you could fit that many flowers on such a small area! Good luck!

  5. Pretty much flowers... It makes me smile.

  6. A tag only a mother could love! What will you do with it!? You should pass it on to another blogger and then keep passing around the ugly tag in bloggerville! Each gal will have to post it on her blog!