Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Riley's Gotcha Day and Flowers from My Friend

I wanted to share a picture of the flowers my sweet friend, Denise sent me. I have them on my dresser here in my bedroom and they really brighten the room and my spirits. Isn't she awesome??!!
I am super lucky to have her as a friend!
I did the rest of this post before my surgery since I didn't want to leave everyone hanging with nothing to see if you happened to be dropping by.... soooooo read on......
I did this two page layout for my son Riley's "Gotcha Day". He was adopted by us from Taiwan. We took our two 5 year old boys with us and my mother too. We left our 3 year old daughter at home because we didn't think she would be able to handle the super long flight to Taiwan.

We flew into Taipei and spent a couple of days there before flying down to Tainan to get Riley. Unfortunately when we got there he was sick in the hospital with pneumonia. So we had to extend our stay in Tainan for a few days.

And even though he was sick and we were so worried we still had a marvelous trip. All the people there were so kind to us. Our friend, Mei Chun, helped us get our hotel room extended even though they were booked up solid. She and her family took us out to eat many times and we had many visits and meals with the nanny's at St. Lucy Center where Riley had lived.

The funny thing about this trip was that we had only planned to be in Tainan for 2 days (just overnight) so we only took clothes for 1 day and left the rest at our hotel in Taipei....and then ended up staying for 4 days. Pretty much all my pictures are of us in the same outfits! lol (we did have them laundered at the hotel) Lucky for the boys, they had brought their swimsuits with them. The hotel had a fabulous pool that no one else visited and we spent many hours down there.

Riley was let out of the hospital eventually with strong drugs and they brought him to us at our hotel. We took a few pictures with some of the people from St. Lucy Center and Mei Chun. Hopped in a taxi and headed to the airport. We had to make it to our appointment at the US Embassy in Taipei the next morning.

I plan to add tons of journaling to the pages but wanted to do that later.

I started these pages in Seattle at CKC. It is pretty great how well they worked with the pictures I wanted to scrap.

The pictures on the first page are of me and Riley at the airport, us all at the hotel when we first got him and my dh and Riley in the hospital before we got him.

The pictures on the second page are in front of the hospital where Riley was staying and were he and his brothers had been born. (oops it looks like I uploaded the pictures in the wrong should be able to figure it out though)

I haven't really scrapped on Kraft paper before. I like the look of it. It really brings attention to the pictures. What do you think?? Like working with Kraft paper??

Anyone want to tell me something interesting?? Maybe you are the type of person who can't live without something?? What would that be?? Or do you do something a bit odd that you just Have to do?? Comment!! I'm sure I am still lying here bored-recovering..... Hugs!!


  1. oh stacey hun these pictures are all great,love them,wonderful layouts I have never used this paper before but you are right it sure does,add somehthing, glad Riley is okay I can just picture you sitting up in bed resting I hope reading your comments.
    I cant live without my computer,sad I know but like to have some kind of comunication as living here is kinder lonely. I always have to,tuck my wee Alice in bed at night she is a dog,haha she sleeps on her bed,then the minute I finish on the computer at night and get into bed,she jumps on my bed,and lies next to me,and I have to give her a cuddle,then,tuck her up with her blanket,then she is happy and goes off to sleep. Bless her heart,you take care hun and rest up please,beautiful flowers too love massive hugs cheryl xxxxx

  2. Lovely flowers Stacy, having little Riley has to be the best medicine in the world. hugs heidix

  3. Hi Stacy, love your layout and pics!! Aren't friends the best invention in this world?? When my MIL passed my BF stood on my doorstep with what she calls 'a bunch of comfort'!! Couldn't do without her!! Big hug, Frea

  4. What a sweet story and the layout is lovely! Your flowers are gorgeous! Denise is a great friend to you!!!!

  5. Look at how young all the boys are!!!! Sooo cute :)))) Your layout is awesome. Love the colors and ribbons you used across both pages. Really made it flow together well. So glad you liked the flowers girl :) xoxo

  6. Denise is a sweetie!

    What a great story! Love the layouts - and love kraft paper, though it's been a long time since I've actually scrapped.

    Here's something to wrap your head around. I love pickles and I hate cucumbers!! :)

  7. Very beautiful two pager! Love it!!
    What a special memory and he is so lucky to have you all as family!!
    The pictures are so precious!!
    Here is a fact you might not know my ancestors brought tulips to United States how cool is that!
    I had to share that when I saw the tulips in your gorgeous bouquet!!
    That was so sweet of her!!
    Something strange about me probably not that strange is I can't leave the house with out lipstick on and when I'm home I like to wear it too!
    My grandmother taught me that! She always said its good to wear a litle to brighten your complexion!
    Have a Blessed day!!

  8. Hi Stacey, love your layout! It is so adorable! Looking forward to creating with you at Sketches4all!

  9. What a sweet, sweet story!

    And I LOVE kraft paper! For both layouts and cards!! I t hink it's a great base that can go either feminine or masculine; posh or prunge, traditional or modern. It's great!

  10. Everyone loves to receive flowers. Give loved ones the gift that will last forever and not wilt away in a matter of weeks.

  11. Love the beautiful pictures you shard, enjoy the pretty layouts you made!!!
    You reminded me the wonderful memory with all you guys while you visited Taiwan!! WE were so happy being with you. ---From your Taiwanese family Mei Chun