Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just Living Is Not Enough

I can't believe it is already Thursday!!  This week has flown past.  Sorry to have not posted very much but I have been sick and busy.  Two things that really don't go together well.  ha  I'm still not feeling that great but the show must go on...right? 
I spent the morning with my oldest daughter at the doctors office.  She has been having chronic hives and we have been struggling to find out what the problem is.  We were worried it might be something serious so took her to a specialist.  But good news...the specialist says she is fine.  The hives might be food related so we will work at it from that angle until we figure things out.  She has been having them less and less so I have my fingers crossed that they will stop altogether soon.

After the doctor I took her out for breakfast and then we had to stop by my Local Scrapbook store because they had called me to say that they had a Christmas present waiting for me at the store!!  They said they had called in December and left a message but I was out of town and missed hearing it. 

When I got there they gave me a wrapped box and I opened it and it was filled with candy AND a $50 gift card to the store!!!!!!!!!!  WOOT!!  Of course I immediately went shopping and spent it!! lol   Just think it had been sitting there for over a month!!! What a fun surprise.

Now I am waiting for my mother in law to come home with my oldest son.  He fell at school and hit his hand.  We are worried that he might have broken something and since I am sick she offered to take him to the Doc in the Box.  (urgent care facility)  I have my fingers crossed that it is just bruised.

I wanted to remind you to please go enter the February Something Sweet Challenge at Crafter's Companion USA Challenge Blog.  Remember how I am trying to grow the number of entries???!!  We are giving away a cool prize that you will probably really want to have so get busy already!!! LOL 

I made a card for the Crafter's Companion Informational blog using Sheena Douglass Paint Fusion - Fuchsia stamp set.  I stamped out the image and then painted it.  Next I fussy cut it out and layered it with Popdots for dimension. 
You can use a straight edge punch to create a border for a circular shape.   Here is what you do:

First you punch a length of paper with your edge punch. Cut off a strip of the paper leaving a small border 1cm or about .5 inch.

Snip at regular intervals, from the straight edge through to an aperture close to the patterned edge, leaving that edge intact
Slightly overlapping the sections, stick the strip behind the curved edge you wish to decorate.

Cool right??!! I found this idea on Pinterest and thought I should share it with you.

I went for a fairly clean and simple card to let the fuchsia flower stand out. I finished up by stamping out my sentiment which I thought was appropriate. Have a look and see if you don't agree.

Okay, my son has come home and his hand is not broken.  It is severely bruised and they have it in a splint.  They sent him home with some strong pain pills.  

More tomorrow...


  1. Oh my goodness your life is busy isn't it? Glad no broken bones!
    I have spent years with hives and really feel for your daughter-I spent last year getting shots every week, they get better but are not always fun that is for sure.
    Hope you find a solution quickly.
    I love your design-such beautiful colors

  2. WoW Girl! Your house sounds crazier than mine!! Glad to hear both kids are going to be OK! I am super behind on hopping around so I have to go over to CC and check out the other DT, I love this card it came out so pretty! That is a neat idea on the circle border, I have a punch that punches borders around circles... I have yet to use it but I have it! I went out and bought another pair of TH scissors and plan on cutting my stamp so I can enter the challenge! Yippee! The days are seriously blurring together!So much to craft and play so little time! That is so awesome about your surprise box! I bet it just made your day! I hope you got some fun goodies! I am working tomorrow cleaning all day Saturday for our company... but I need to squeeze in crafting or I will be very cranky!Happy Almost weekend!

  3. oh my! You're just so busy! I'm glad your kids are ok. Thanks for the tutorial! Your card is beautiful :)

  4. You ARE busy, aren't you??? I'm glad your daughter is ok - hives are bad enough, right? Glad your son's hand isn't broken!

    Gorgeous card and great tute! I'm going to try to play again at CC!

  5. WOW! Busy much?!!? Im glad your daughter is doing better and so glad to hear your son had no broken bones. Severe sprains can be bad though. Hopefully, his will heal super quick!

    Thank you thank you thank you for the tutorial on making round punch edges. I had never even thought of that, but it looks perfect. Something else to try in my craftroom tomorrow...along with coloring ;) Your card is just gorgeous!!

  6. Thanks for that cool tip! I hope you and the rest of your family gets and stays healthy soon.

  7. Of course I love your card! I'm so happy that you had the nice scrappy surprise--you certainly deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear about your two sweeties! Best wishes and hugs to both!!!!

  8. Wow what a post, where do I start? Your card is fantastic! The tutorial is as well.
    Hope you will be feeling better soon! Glad your son didn't brake anything. Went thru the hive thing with my son, changed his diet, changed his bath soap, only cotton clothing, months and months later I realized our laundry detergent had been "new and improved" about the time the hives appeared. Sure enough that was the culprit.
    Wow what a lovely surprise/gift. Congrats! ALL our LSS have closed, nearest one is now 4 hours ways :(
    Hugs & Blessings