Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FINALLY! A Post From Me.

Hello!  Have you been missing me?  I have been desperately trying to post but for some reason my photos would not upload and I kept trying and trying and trying.  And for some unknown reason today...voila...when I tried to upload a random photo it worked!  WOOT!  FINALLY!  Maybe it has a problem the specific photo I wanted to upload?  I made a tag for the tag sketch challenge at Sketches4all and that is the photo I have been trying to upload.  You can tell it isn't the one that worked.  The random photo I tried to upload today is of my darling daughter who believes she is a chef.  She made this yummy "heart attack on a plate" snack and was very proud of herself.  They are Loaded French Fries and they were really delicious!  (can you tell she likes sour cream!?)  :-O
Chef Olivia
Her culinary masterpiece - Loaded French Fries
So here I am on a roll uploading photo after photo and now I have decided to share photos of my dear son who came home extremely happy because he had met the challenge to run the mile in under 8 minutes - 3 times in a row!  He won this lovely t-shirt to commemorate the event.  And man is he proud!!  And so am I!!  He is running cross country and getting into great condition for lacrosse which starts in February.
Mr. Speed Demon
Met the challenge of running the mile in under 8 minutes, 3 times in a row.  
Won this awesome t-shirt!
I'm leaving next week to go to Oklahoma and get my mom and aunt and my RV.  Then we are driving to Arkansas to hit every craft festival and antique store we can find!! lol  I'm so excited and ready to go...well not really ready to go.  I have about a million DT projects and posts that need to be done before I go.  So I know what I will be doing this weekend!  :-O 
This coming Friday is my 4 year old daughter's birthday.  We are going to have a party at Chuck E Cheeses on Thursday after school is out.  Friday there is no school and there is fund raiser at CEC on Thursday for the 5th grade (my other daughter's class) so we are killing two birds with one stone.
My hubby is out of town for work.  He comes home Thursday night, leaves again Friday and is home on Monday night.  And then I leave on Tuesday!  We will be like two ships passing in the night. lol
I will leave you with this card I made for the Crafter's Companion blog today and to send in a RAK I mailed out recently.  I used Fairyopolis goodies that I have had FOREVER.  My Fairyopolis Card Making Kit really just seems to be never ending! lol  
And if you want a little laugh.  I just now tried to upload that tag again and guess what....it said I couldn't upload any more photos!!!!!!!! GRRRRRR lol
 Enjoy the rest of your week.  


  1. I was wondering what you have been up to!! So happy to have you back! That is crazy about the photos! I hope that never happens to me! You are so lucky driving cross the states to hit craft fairs and shops! Lucky you!! Those fries look super yummy! And congrats on your Son! We start cross country I think it is at the end of October! Whoot whoot! I am still at a 11.45 minute mile. My goal is to be at 10.00 minutes!
    So with all the plans you posted and all the things you have going on I did not see the big party for the Walking dead Season Premier!! Whoot Whoot!! It is written in red permanent marker on my calender and NOONE is allowed to mess with the plan!!
    So I found a 5k run where you get chased by zombies!! I am still working on Hubby to join in on the fun, I think it will be too scary for the girls!
    Ok LOVE you card, I think this will be a must have stamp set for me! I do love me some trolls and gnomes!!
    Keep me posted!!

  2. Your hilarious sweetie...sometimes I don't know how you do all you do with your family especially traveling.
    I am so jealous,can I come along on the trip?
    Your daughter is so beautiful and yes I would so eat that yummy snack.
    Tell your son he is awesome!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful design-love it!

  3. страна...Какие красивіе улібки..с добрім утром

  4. Cute piccies! Love those pretty kids of yours!! Glad to hear you're doing well hunni! Hugs Frea

  5. I see I am two days behind with my blog reading. I wrote you an email before I realize you had posted... lol Love the photos and the card you made is beautiful!

  6. Your card is beautiful! Those fries of Olivia's are making me hungry. Good for Jesse for running so well!

  7. Congrats to yur dd in makign loaded fries!!
    How excitng about your son!!
    Sounds liek you will be busy for the next couple weeks!
    Hope the trip goes well going to see your mom & sister.
    Love your card!!