Thursday, May 2, 2013

Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch

I recently purchased the new Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch starter kit from HSN.

My mother came to visit and I guess she is an avid HSN viewer and was just going on and on about how cool it was. SO of course I rushed to my computer and bought it!! LMBO (yes I have a problem - ha)

ANYWAY, it is super cool. Here is what it looks like all taken apart

You can change out the cutting cartridges very easily. They are sold separately (well mine came with 3 different edge punch cartridges) As soon as I ordered the starter kit my Mom bought me 2 more cartridges at JoAnns! (I'm spoiled I know! ha)

Here are the edge punch patterns I have. Aren't they cool!?!
To work this cool punch, you pull out the cutting base from the bottom of the cartridge. It is stored in a plastic cover on the bottom of the edge punch cartridge. (you can see this in the top photo) You push back the lever and easily slide in the plate.

Next you decide what size you want your circle to be. You can make circles from 6 inches to 12 inches. There is a dial on the side and one on the front and you just have to set them both to the number of the size you want. Super easy.

Here is the side dial. (I'm cutting an 8 inch circle)
Here is the front dial. (Set the number the same here too)
Now you cut out a square piece of paper a little larger than the circle you want. I cut mine to 8 1/2 inches and marked the center with a pencil mark.

The edge punch cartridge and the front knob are both magnetic. You center the paper under the knob. This is easier than you would think because you can see down inside the knob and there is a crosshatch inside. And the knob attaches to the magnet easily.

Then just attach the edge punch cartridge. It will pop on the magnet easily too.

Then you just punch and then turn the knob, punch, turn the knob, punch, turn the knob until the circle is punched out.

What do you think?? Think you need to own one??



  1. wow wow beautiful ,yeah its tempting

  2. gossie wat ziet dit er geweldig uit met deze prachtige ponsen en hopelijk makkelijk te maken zo volgens de foto's te zien!

  3. Yes! I think I need to own one! LOL
    The doily is gorgeous! TFS!