Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun Challenge

My BFF, Denise, and I decided to do a crazy challenge today.

Well we decided to do it yesterday but didn't have time to do it yesterday so scheduled a time today to try to do it.

I saw on someones blog the idea to do a self challenge of trying to get a layout done in 30 minutes. And since I'm stupid (!) I thought why not make it even harder by limiting myself to only using 4 things (besides the paper, adhesive and the photo).

I wrote up a big list of things to use (like: ribbon, buttons, stamping, eyelets etc etc) and cut it into strips and folded them and put them in a bowl and had my 3 year old pick 4 of them.

After I did this I quickly emailed Denise and said, "Hey, want to do a fun challenge with me!?" And not knowing any better she said, "Sure, how about tomorrow at 1:45pm?". (well...maybe our conversation was a little longer but you get the idea)

I told her the parameters of the challenge and said she could gather 1 photo and some paper and matching stuff that fit within our 4 things requirements.

Our 4 things that Georgie picked were:





Denise was smart and gathered her stuff, got her photo ready and cleaned off her scrap space.

But see...that's just not how I roll...(lol) I decided to go grocery shopping at 12:30pm today and rushed in the house, with a ton of groceries needing to be put up, at 1:30pm. (remember our challenge was starting at 1:45pm) And I also needed to put my daughter down for her nap.

I rushed to my computer and shot off an email to Denise that had this Liz Qualman Berrylicious sketch attached. I begged her to give me a few more minutes and she was nice and did.

We started at 2:05pm.

I hadn't cleared my desk or picked out anything in advance.

I wish I had a video camera so that I could show you what happened next. It was hilarious because I just started literally throwing things left and right. I'm not sure if it counts against me but I grabbed a kit of Cosmo Cricket paper. (it just had Delovely paper in it)

I rolled over to my computer and pulled up a picture of my dd and hit print. Rolled back to my scrap desk and started picking specific papers and cutting them.

I was doing pretty well until I started to attach the vellum quote with the eyelets. I couldn't find the box that had my tool for attaching them. I have a Cropadile (the Big Bite) and have never learned how to use it...and initially couldn't figure out how to use it so I got my hammer out and was hammering the crap out of those eyelets!! LOL It worked but not very well.

So I took a breathe and got some scrap paper and tried and tried until I figured out how to use that darn Cropadile.

I guess I cheated by punching out the scalloped circle but I guess I was unclear that punches were against the rules.

I did have fun fussy cutting that cute bird out of my patterned paper and I used pop dots to give it dimension.

I used my new Ultimate Crafter's Companion Tool to do the dry embossing on the bottom of the yellow paper.

Denise and I both accused the other of cheating! I said, "hey you can't stamp and where is your embossing?!"! She said, "I didn't cheat, I embossed it all!" And she said, "hey, you can't use embellies (refering to my bird), you can't use a punch (oops) and you can't stamp! (I didn't)"

Anyway, turns out I was the only cheater by punching the scallop out because Denise didn't cheat... I just totally forgot about heat embossing a stamped image! (DUH!) ha Oh well, I guess the creative scrapper police will be sending me a ticket! LOL

I'm not sure it was the most fun challenge (because oh my gosh THE STRESS!) but good golly it sure got my heart rate up!!! LOL I actually really liked doing it! And want to do it again.

I think next time we need to give ourselves 45 minutes and I think I need to prep beforehand!

It turned out okay though didn't it??! And Denise's Blue Layout with her ds on it rocks too!! I'm going to enter this in the Open Sketch Challenge at Sketches In Thyme!!

Okay that's fun challenge I did today.

I do hope you will read my post from yesterday about sending my friend who has MS a birthday card. I have been thrilled with the response I have gotten so far and would love to see more of you participate. You don't even have to make a card you can send a store bought one if you want.


  1. Actually I did call the Crafter's police. They said they only ticket second offenders. But your names been noted :) Your layout came out beautifully. Love your bird.

  2. Super adorable layouts, as usual...with those gorgeous subjects!!!

    Pssst....there is a giveaway of two, 'signed by the author' kids' books on my blog, if you're interested.

  3. OK first of all, you crack me up!! You didn't have your picture printed. LOL!! and secondly the next time you do it I want to play too. That sounds like so much fun and I need motivation like that to get me scrapping faster. I am soooooo slow and it drives me nuts. Make a decision already is what I say to myself sometimes. Every layout can't be perfect but I waste enough time trying to make it that way.

    I love both of your layouts simply because one is for a boy and I have those Rusty Pickle papers and one is for a girl and it has the word dance on it. I can't believe you had time to fussy cut a bird. Fabulous job ladies. Next time count me in because if I don't have PT or a doctors appointment my inability to drive keeps me home all day.

    Now I'm off to check out yesterdays post, something about a birthday card. I have tons and would love to send one in for you and your friend.

    Big Cyber hugs for making my evening with your story.

  4. WoW! My heart was racing as I was reading what was going on during your challenge time! LOL It sounds like fun and they turned out great!

  5. What a fun challenge!!
    Love both of your LO's!!
    I sent you an email at S4A could you email me your friends address?
    I forgot to ask for it!

  6. LOL I can see you now, flying around the craft room, gathering all you can find :) Great challenge, I just did a dice roll challenge on another blog, it was interesting and TOUGH! You two did a great job on your layouts though, despite the difficulties!

  7. Well, they both turned out cute! :-)

  8. Love your layouts.... I can't believe how long it has been since I have visited your blog....

  9. You have been busy. Thanks for playing with SIT this week.

  10. this is so great, sounds likeyou and your friend had a great time challenging each other! Thanks for joining in the challenge at Sketches In Thyme! =) Tiffany

  11. Great job Stacy!! Thanks for playing with us at Sketches in Thyme!

  12. Love your story!!! And I have to agree, I think it got my heart rate up just a little bit, too!!! I can't believe you did these in 30 minutes... It takes me a good day to get one done!!! Thanks for sharing your story and cute layout(s) with us over at Sketches In Thyme!!! Hugs!!