Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've Been Sick

I've been sick since last Friday and really haven't felt like doing anything at all. But last night I did sit down at my craft desk and make this card to share with you.

I was playing around with my watercolor pencils. I was stamping out flowers for my children and showing them how to color them in with the pencils and then "paint" over them with a wet paint brush. We cut out our flowers and made cards and used them as embellies on the cards.

Here is mine.

Except for my "painted" flowers, I used all Doodlebug paper and embellies. I just love those bright, happy colors!!

The kids had a great time doing this little art project. I can't show you their cards because I didn't photograph them before they took them off to school to give to their teachers! oops...ha
Funny thing happened yesterday, I was sitting in my office next to my 4 windows and heard a bird hit the window. I got up to go look and see if the bird was okay. When I looked outside I saw a huge Roadrunner (I believe that is what it was) on my window sill walking back and forth! It was as wide as my window and about 12 inches (or more) tall. It just kept walking from one window sill to the next. I was starting to get a little concerned because I had one of the windows open (!) but it never came that far over before it jumped up on the fence next to my windows and took off.
It all happened so fast that I didn't think to get my camera out and take a picture. would have been cool.

I never got my Crafter's Companion goodies in the mail last week. There was a shipping mess up and they were never even were sent but they were sent this week and hopefully I will get them by Saturday. Cross your fingers for me!! I am really dying to get busy and try everything!!
They have so many new things coming out! It is so exciting!
Starting in April, we will be posting creations every day and also there will be challenges and contests and prizes!! So plan to go check them out.

Don't forget you only have 1 day left to enter Crafter's Companion's "Luck Of The Irish" contest!!! Bindy will pick a winner on Thursday, March 17th.

All you need to do is email her your favorite technique and put "my technique" as the subject. Your technique doesn't have to be something complicated. It can be very simple.

For every 10 emails Bindy will add product to the giveaway!! So get your email sent NOW!! What have you got to lose??!!


  1. How cool to see a roadrunner! I thought you were going to say you rescued another bird! The colors of your card are beautiful. I like the sparkle you added to them too.

  2. pretty card! I really love the colors and the flowers look great!

  3. This card is stunning Stacey, I have posted those glasses to you so look out for the posty, I love that gorgeous crafty tool and their other stash, but postage (in general) is just ridiculous to us over here. Melxx

  4. Your watercolors are so much better than mine! I pretty much just plain SUCK at it! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I love the card and the colors. Next time get the camera out for the kids. And Big Bird.

  6. We love road runners we use to see them when we lived out in the country!
    Love the flowers and how fun with the kids!
    Ellie has been enjoying the embossing plates playing with them.
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Im not feeling well either almost went to the ER!

  7. What a pretty card! I've only seen one roadrunner and it was literally running across the road (so fast we almost didn't see it)! :-) Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Fun card! Great handmade flowers!

    Did you receive my email about Rango?