Friday, March 25, 2011

Join Me Tomorrow!!

First let's start with a cute picture of my son catching up on his reading with a nice warm dog blanket. He was reading in my office and called over to me to take his picture so I obliged. I'm half blind so just took my camera and pointed it in his general direction and clicked the button. It wasn't until I got my glasses on and looked at my photo that I realized why he asked me to take the picture. He was buried in dogs! (well at least they are good for something I

Now on to something else. Yesterday, I wrote a mile long post about the challenge that Denise and I did yesterday.

Well we decided we had so much fun doing it we are going to do it again tomorrow (Saturday 3/26) at 11am pst.

If you are interested in doing it with us - email me at Scrapwithstacy at gmail dot com and I will send you the info and the sketch.

And in case you didn't read my post yesterday, the challenge is to finish a layout in 45 minutes using only:
paper, photos, adhesive, punch and 4 different things drawn from a hat by my lovely 3 year old assistant.

This time Denise is picking the sketch and she says you will need 3-4x6 vertical photos (or you can turn the sketch and use 3 horizontal ones)

And this time my lovely assistant picked:

1. a white pen
2. distressing (using ink is approved)
3. chipboard
4. a quote

We would love to have a few more crazies join us in this friendly challenge. You will have to share your creation with us when you are done.

I finished a layout today but it is for a DT so you won't be seeing it for awhile. I do plan to scrap this weekend so I will have something fun to post tomorrow.

Also, I have some exciting news coming up keep a lookout for that.

I'm still looking for more blog friends who would like to send a birthday card to my friend, Debbie, who has MS and is turning 50 on April 3rd. I wish I had thought of doing this sooner so I could have posted about it earlier. Email me at scrapwithstacy at gmail dot com for the details if you would like to help me out.

Have a marvelous weekend!!


  1. Sadly of all the talents God gave me, motor skills is not one of them. lol
    That's probably why I'm drawn to reading blogs where others like yourself are so creative.

  2. :( Of course you had to pick today for the challenge, Andraia has a band concert at 10:30 this morning! I'm in for the next one, for sure! Great pic! I, too, love a good dog blanket :) Can't wait to see what you come up with for this challenge when I return from the concert, which will take HOURS upon is every elementary school (there are about 10 or 12 of them), the middle school, and the high school...each elementary school has a beginner band and advanced band, so that's about 4 songs per elementary school, each chorus, the middle school band and chorus, and the high school band, marching band, and chorus. It's a bit much, as my kid only plays 2 songs, it's overcrowded, and I am not looking forward to that! I hope to be back home by 1 hahaha good luck with that, right?!

    Hope you have a great day! *hugs*

  3. Your son is so cute Stacy! What fun - I might take you up on that challenge but I might not be able to show you you as I will use it for a DT project! How funny your friends b-day is the same as mine! I wont promise to do a card , crazy busy , I shouldn't even be reading your blog right now but your son caught my eye! LOL! Have a great weekend

  4. You ladies have fun! It would be a SERIOUS challenge for me to start scrapbooking again, period....but I know I HAVE to...LOL.....I've got a twins album to make soon!

  5. Cute photo! Fun doggie blankets! I send Debbie a card on Friday :)