Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Review of Classic Bakeware Jelly Roll Combo

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

The most versatile pans for every kitchen, they will helps you create everything from quick finger foods to fancy desserts! These jelly roll combo pans have shallow sides which are ideal for baking small-portion foods such as fries, fish fillets and breadsticks. Since colors can affect overall baki...

Total ROCKSTAR product!!!

By Stacy H-W from Henderson, NV on 3/9/2011

5out of 5

I recently needed to order some new "cookie sheets" so came to my favorite place to shop...CSN. I found these Calphalon jelly roll pans and thought they would be perfect.
I got them last week and have basically used them every day since. I made biscuits, baked cookies, broiled cheese on sandwiches, cooked garlic bread and made some crisp bacon all in the oven on these pans. They worked perfectly and nothing stuck to them. Everything just slid off smooth as butter! ha And the clean up was super easy.
I would recommend these to everyone!!



  1. I have those pans :) Yes, they are ridiculously rock star. Good choice!

  2. Beautiful layouts. I have a scrap pack giveaway on my blog if your interested. TFS. :-) Chic

  3. Glad you like them and they sound like they are bettter than what you expected!!
    Thats always fun when new products highly meet your expectations!!
    Have a blessed Thursday!!

  4. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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