Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!

St. Patrick's Day has arrived and there are blog candy giveaways and contests ending everywhere today!! LOL

I got all my kiddos off to school appropriately dressed in green (at least a little green) this morning and took a few pictures to share with you...

And I made a card last night for Fia's Color Combo Challenge at Sketches4all. I just loved the colors this time.

They reminded me of Christmas (!) soooooo welcome to the Christmas card I made.

It is a super simple card. Sometimes it is nice to just throw together something fun and easy.

I'm still coughing but do feel a bit better today but now my dd (older one) is feeling bad. She should have stayed home from school today but they are doing testing and she didn't want to miss the last day. I think I will be getting a call in a couple of hours to come pick her up from school. (her testing ends at 11:30am and then her teacher is surprising them with rootbeer floats)

I'm pretty excited because I applied for a Copic Certification class here in Las Vegas in May and .....I got in!!! I can't wait. I'm hoping my bestie Denise will go too.

I just love learning all the different aspects of the scrapping world!
I'm thinking of fish and chips for dinner with a green shamrock cake....
Don't forget to go check out Crafter's Companion today to see who Bindy picks to win the Luck Of The Irish Contest!!
How are you planning to celebrate St. Patricks Day?? Mine is pretty tame since it is just me and the kids. Share your plans.


  1. Great pics of the kidlets...and what a GORGEOUS card! Getting a head start on the Christmas season, I see!

  2. Adorable pictures of the kids!!
    Beautiful card love the birds!!
    If I could have eated the corn beef and cabbage I would have went out to buy some!!
    We didn't do anything for St. Patricks day since I couldnt eat the good stuff lol!
    DD did get a little bit of green in her ice cream today!
    We went scrapbook shopping, out for dinner and watch a movie tonight.
    Dh is out of town at the fishing cabin with his friends.
    So we had a girls day out!
    Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Couldn't let my bestie go without me! It's going to be so cool! And we can practice after :) The kids look great in their St. Patty's day clothes. No pinches for them! Cute Christmas card. Trying to get done early this year? Show off. LOL.

  4. NO plans for me - just wanted to pop in say hi, your kids are super cute! have a great weekend!

  5. Took a minute to find your card-I'm blind I guess. Maybe I wasn't expecting a Christmas-y card! I love it though! I have that paper... I'll have to keep your card in mind when I use it! :-)
    Love that you shared your green photos of the kids!

  6. P.S. I hope you are feeling better soon!