Monday, June 28, 2010

Jody's Birthday Cards

Today Olivia and Jesse and I spent some time making birthday cards for my sister, Jody. Her birthday is this coming Wednesday.

Jesse made a really vibrant floral card in red, green and yellow and Olivia made an elegant yellow and green card.

I supervised but they made the cards themselves! I am really proud of the job they did.
They were pretty happy with the cards they made too. And they can't wait to give them to Aunt Jo!
Can someone come over and help me clean my crafting area now??!! lol


  1. What gorgeous cards they made! Your family is so artistic :) They take after their mom.

  2. I think Aunt Jo really loved her cards the kids made. I felt a little bad that Quinn was with me and didn't get to make her one. I didn't get to see the one you made for her. xoxox