Friday, July 9, 2010

Sketch Crazy - Scrap Girl of the Month

Fia at Sketches4you is having a month long "Scrap Girl of the month" challenge. All month long she is offering up different challenges and when you participate you get points towards becoming Scrap Girl of the Month.
She is only on challenge 3 so you still have time to start participating and win some great prize!
Here is my take on one of her challenges. The challenge is to "not use any embellishments on your project"! That is definitely a cool challenge. I was worried that my using a pen would count against me but Fia said it was okay and you can also use a photo if you are doing a layout.
It has been a lot of fun!! And if you join up please check out my two groups while you are there!!


  1. What a tough challenge!!! I love yours though! Awesome card :)

  2. I love that card! I am still trying to wrap my brain around not using any's a hard habit to break, filling up empty space with things that jump right out at you! You did a great job with this, I love the penstitching!