Saturday, July 31, 2010

Winner winner...

Good Morning!

I got to start off the weekend in a happy place with the news that I had won the Grand Prize at the Digital Delights Blog Hop!! Woo hoo...lucky me.
I had such fun hopping around and checking out all the blogs.
I am a faithful follower of Marlene at and she is on the design team at .
Marlene posted about the blog hop on her blog so I thought...what the heck...go check it out and have some fun. I did, it was and now look what happened!! lol
You should check them both out. Marlene and Digital Delights!! Marlene is talented and hilarious and Digital Delights is tons of fun.
On to other things.... Yesterday I made a few cards that I want to share with you. They were both for challenges over at Sketches4you.
The first one is my XOXO card that I made for Fia's SGOTM card color challenge. I was inspired by my new Cricut cartridge that my sweet friend, Denise, sent me.... Paisley Cachemire. (she rocks!) And I was just playing around with scrap paper (which happened to be pink) and liked what I was cutting out so decided to just make another card for Fia's challenge. I like it... mostly....I am not thrilled with the Vintage Photo Distress Stickles I added...wish I had used Crystal instead...but what the hey....not a bad try.
The second one is kind of fun because the challenge from Christy was to make paint circles on your project with a bottle lid. I had just gotten my 4 year old son's art home from school and it had color circles on it. I used it (is it bad to cut up your kids art for a card?!) as the base of the card and added the white paint circles with a water bottle lid. The rest were just scraps, buttons, and left over ribbon bits. I really like it and think my mom will enjoy getting it from Riley in the mail this week...shhhhhhhh don't tell
I hope you are already having a wonderful weekend.


  1. I totally like the stickle color you used!! Pops out the letters and gives it a distressed kind of look. Maybe next time use more and do it slowly so it comes out evenly and thickly over every part. Will take up most of the bottle though. I love that you used Riley's project with it! A piece of him and you in it! You mom will LOVE it!! Glad you liked the cart. I may have to borrow it next time I'm in town ;)

  2. You are welcome to borrow it any time! I will try your suggestion next time. Thx.

  3. Awww...thanks for the shout out!!! I just got home from a weekend away. So happy for you - just found out you won the grand prize in the blog hop!!! YAY YOU!!!! Congratulations!!!